Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation

We want to make sure that people understand pretty much the two main scenarios that we are essentially faced with within gutter installation procedures. There are times where people will actually want to go out and buy the gutters on their own. We can then come in and just install them. We usually want to be involved in the selection process. We don’t do this to try and charge you an extra fee for getting gutters for you. The thing is if we don’t have enough materials to go through the full installation things can get a little tricky. Here are a couple of things about gutter installations that we want you to know about. 

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Should I Go Out & Get New Gutters?

Before you head out to your nearest home improvement store to buy gutters we really do suggest that you give us a call. Taking the time to be able to look into the design of the gutter system on paper is a good idea. A lot of times people who want to do certain jobs on their own skip this stage, and that tends to be a problem in the long run. Before you go out and buy gutters give us a call and allow us to at least give you our point of view on the type of gutters that you need.

When Is It Time To Install New Gutters?

There are instances where the signs of age are going to be too evident to not notice. If for example, you keep having to make small repairs here and there, that’s a good sign that you either need to clean your gutters more frequently or you need to change them out altogether. Pay attention to leaks and overall wear and tear to make this decision. 

How Long Does The Process Take

Obviously, the size of your roof can play a big role in this. That being said we are typically going to take between 2 or 3 hours. We could be taking a little more with larger roofs or roofs that are a bit challenging because of their unique design that literally makes it hard to stand on them. Of course, we want to work relatively quickly. For the most part, though, our goal is to ensure that we cover everything that we need to cover so the installation can be a success. That can take some time.

Gutters After Roofing Renovations

Should you be looking to upgrade your gutters if you had your roof renovated? That can certainly be something that you could take into account. Sometimes roofing companies will remove the existing gutters in the renovation procedure anyway. Therefore, you won’t even be able to make a decision in those cases. A lot of times a renovation can alter the natural path that water will take through your roofing. When that happens we are going to need to adjust your gutters to make sure that we guard against new puddle spots and other particular areas within your roofing that could be a little more troublesome.